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I just started racing (Cat 5) and I'm wondering what I can do to help improve my performance. I'm 53 and average about 150 to 165 miles a week riding as hard/fast as I can go. I average about 21-22 on my own over a 30 mile course. In my first races (Crits) I averaged 25+ with the lead group. I'll also enter road courses as they come along.

Looking for others experiences in race training and race day routines.

  • Best thing you can do - hire a coach.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I think prior to hiring a coach, you might try to learn a bit more about training and nutrition. Chris Carmichael has a great training bible out that's pretty easy to work with:

    From what you said, it seems like you're level of fitness might be good enough for CAT 4, but there's lots to learn about riding in the pack and team (and individual) tactics. You might also think about where your strengths are (sprinter, climber, general domestique) and how you might fit into a broader team.

    Finally, don't forget to mix in recovery/base building days in with you 'as hard as I can go' days. They really help you build muscle- and be faster on the next effort.

    Welcome to the addiction of cycling- and remember to have fun!

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Thanks guys. I made it through this past racing season and learned a lot. I also learned that I had over trained by the end of summer and got dropped in my last two races. :-( That's because I didn't have any off days - always hard and fast riding.

    This off season I'm in a winter training program at my lbs. We're doing different types of interval training and we have a schedule for the other days of the week. Right now I'm feeling a lot better and my legs don't feel drained like they did at the end of the summer.

    I'm looking forward to next racing season and hope this winter training program helps me be a better racer from a speed and endurance perspective. There's still the whole tactics thing to master. :-)

    posted over 5 years ago

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