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Amgen Tour of California

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Did any one else get a chuckle the first time they heard the name of this tour?

The first time I thought it was a joke, the maker of EPO was the title sponsor of a cycling event. Maybe there would be testing for doping and if it was obvious that you weren't you would be kicked out of the tour...


  • Yeah it's definitely humorous... It's so ironic, and so unflattering for the sport, but I mean how do they turn down a sponsor that makes a widely used and known banned performance enhancing drug when they are offering big money in a sport that often suffers securing large sponsorships for teams and events? It's hard to say no when they offer a title sponsor dollar amount. And so the cycle continues haha...

    posted over 7 years ago

  • And....ATOC is back again. Leipheimer is out. Any guesses for a winner?

    posted over 6 years ago

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