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Continuous incorrect "New post in this feed" alert

asked about 6 years ago | Report

For the past few days, I've been getting "1 new post in this feed. Click to view" alerts at the top of my Home tab (with the corresponding glowing tab in my browser), but when I click on it, there are no new posts, and it just reloads the top post again.

Since I keep Dailymile open in a tab throughout the entire day, this is REALLY ANNOYING as it keeps distracting me, making me think there's new stuff when there isn't.

Browser specs: Firefox 11.0 on OSX 10.7.3

Can someone fix this, or explain how I can stop it? I've tried restarting the browser, logging out, and fully refreshing the page rather than "clicking here", and it keeps happening, argh.

thanks, melissa

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  • This will be fixed in the next version of dailymile. Sorry about the issues!

    answered about 6 years ago |Report

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