Beginner Running

Ejay C.
Get the train goin.Posted by Ejay C. - 5 years ago2428Lenny G. almost 6 years ago
Sarah C.
OWWWW Shin Splints!!!Posted by Sarah C. - 5 years ago83517Travis T. almost 6 years ago
Robyn L.
stretches?Posted by Robyn L. - 5 years ago2817Robyn L. almost 6 years ago
Kate F.
achey kneecapsPosted by Kate F. - 5 years ago8821Kate F. almost 6 years ago
Kevin W.
First 5K in 2 weeksPosted by Kevin W. - 5 years ago1516979Bo A. almost 6 years ago
Robyn L.
when to buy new running shoes? and what kind do you recommend?Posted by Robyn L. - 5 years ago3801Juryduty almost 6 years ago
Katey K.
inconsistent pacePosted by Katey K. - 5 years ago3940Peter L. almost 6 years ago
Pako H.
Numb feetsPosted by Pako H. - 6 years ago7760James T. about 6 years ago
Robyn L.
new here!Posted by Robyn L. - 6 years ago7754Heather G. about 6 years ago
what am I doing wrong?Posted by Kathy - 6 years ago7687Kathy about 6 years ago
Frequency of run workouts/weekPosted by Kathy - 6 years ago7887Jean-Paul L. about 6 years ago
Jason C.
New to sitePosted by Jason C. - 6 years ago3450Jackie about 6 years ago
Update on my c25k strugglesPosted by Marnie - 6 years ago1596Keith P. about 6 years ago
Boone R.
Good Training SchedulePosted by Boone R. - 6 years ago0538-
How detrimental would this be?Posted by Marnie - 6 years ago5476Marnie about 6 years ago