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hey guys decided to join here to get some invaluable advice from real runners.

I am currently training for the army and one of the prerequisites of joining is being able to a 1.5 mile run in 13:15 although I have got it down to 10:57 I would like to get it to sub 10 minutes or at least in the low end of 10 minutes, anyway ii am not an athletic type of guy.

I am training approx 3 days a week (hardly religiously) and starting to do endurance runs.

really I'm just hear for motivation and advice and of course friendships would be cool to always nice to speak with new people.

also quick Q is 4.21 miles in 43.13 any good for a beginner I seriously don't know as i never used to run (only been running for 2 months on and off)

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    Hi Grant, My son joined the army last March and was med boarded 6mths later because of 3rd degree stress fractures in both heals. He said he felt the boots were the reason for them. They hurt him terribly when running. I would suggest you find some army combat boots (not of good quality) to run in and get use to. He has heard stress fractures are pretty common in training because of all the running. When his feet started hurting he didn't report his injury and it just got worse so don't keep quiet when you are hurt...they will get you help. Good luck with your running. I think you are doing really good so far. You have your time down, I would definitely focus on endurance now and maybe add an extra day a week. Would love to follow your training and know when you leave for basic. Hope this helps!

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  • Id agree with the other person, get used to army boots..i was in the army reserves while in high school and my days while i was 17 was get up at 6am catch the bus at 7 school from 8-12 training from 1230-6 home by 7 still had homework and shine boots..i never really had any time to train and the only time i did was when i was at the armories...I was in for 6 months, and i had HORRIBLE shin splints in both of my legs, and i think it was because of my boots...I could not get rid of them due to always training did blood work and it wasn't good..i had to leave the forces (I'm Canadian) because i just wasn't doing I'm a runner lol a lot fitter, 5 years later i am training for a half marathon and no shin definitely id say its the boots!

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  • I'm a former 11 Bravo (light infantry) from farther back than I like to admit.

    During basic training most of your running will be in running shoes and shorts or sweats. However, you will do a *LOT* of walking with a heavy ruck on your back - expect to do at least one 20-mile road march with a 60-75 pound ruck, web gear and rifle. Get used to wearing combat boots and moving at paces between a quick walk and a slow jog (called the Airborne Shuffle). The army wants all-around fitness and strength much more than elite running ability. Thus, you have lots of pushups, pullups, situps, crunches, burpees, shuttle runs, etc.

    If you can do 2 miles in under 14 minutes as well as 50ish pushups in 2 minutes and 60ish situps in 2 minutes - you should be more than fine in basic training.

    Good luck with the army. Huah!

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  • Don't focus on running at the expense of other activities such as basic strength training. You will be doing a lot of push-ups, sit-ups, and activities that require some good ole core strength. So yes you want to be able to make your 1.5 (in running shoes) in the alloted time but just be sure you are doing things to improve your overall strength and endurance too.

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