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New runner with tight calves!!

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I completed C25K a few weeks ago. I've run a couple of 5Ks -- most notable was the Iron Girl Triathlon last Sunday. I'm continuing to train in swim/bike/run.

Problem is my stinkin' calves -- they are incredibly tight and I stretch them constantly. I also get deep tissue massage a couple of times a month with focus on calves, quads and hams.

I am 60 years old - a bit old to be starting, I know -- but I am very fit and workout every day. So, any tips for how to get my calves to cooperate on the run?

  • you are never to old to begin. Just some ideas to think about. how old are your shoe(miles), would look into the hamstrings also. seems like my tight hamstrings and as my shoes wear down they really start to tighten up.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • First, congrats on the Iron Girl and for joining the running club! If the deep tissue massages seem to help, you might want to invest in a foam roller and/or "the stick" (if you do a google search you should find one) Both are great ways to work out your muscles in between massages (not to mention they are much cheaper). For me the foam roller works great on the larger muscles (quads and hams), as well as the IT band. The stick is better for the smaller muscles like the calves. Good Luck!

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  • 1. Welcome to Tri's. they're a hoot.
    2. what Jennifer said. Get a stick and a foam roller and build a relationship with them. Add to that, stretching- which you're doing, and self massage. Get your thumb in there and be patient. Hold it for 12 seconds.

    you can still build a lot of endurance in your 60's and 70's- but recovery time takes longer. If you're trying to follow a training plan that was designed for a 28 year old, you may just need more rest days (or, more likely, 'easy' days. I believe in 'active' recovery)

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  • Congrats ... I am 59 ... not yet 50, but I run lots and lots. Starting at any age is GREAT!!!!! I use Yoga stretches on my "rest" days to help my muscles. I am sure it would help your calves. Also, try not to do too much too soon. Build up your mileage slowly .... and you will get there. Once again, congrats! FR sent!

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  • Thanks, folks!! I had ordered the Stick over the weekend -- good to see you guys agree! I also have Trigger Point kit for calves and I like it, but it's a little more complicated.

    My shoes are Brooks and in really good shape, but there's a local run shop I'm going to visit for advice on their wear/tear. I have a very normal arch and normal gait - I don't pronate either way.

    I'm agreeing that it might be my hams causing the calf issues -- they are also super-tight and sometimes pull on my hips and back too. Sucks to get old!

    I don't think I am doing too many miles - just doing 3 miles maybe 3x a week -- I cycle 2x a week, strength train 2x a week and swim after. I've distance walking for years - and did the 3 day 60 mile walk for breast cancer last year - I logged 700 walking miles in 2011.

    So - all good advice - more stretching, get a Stick and get my shoes checked out.

    posted almost 6 years ago

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