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Go Couch to 5k iPhone app integrated with dailymile

posted about 6 years ago | Report

Hello fellow 5K beginners

I'm currently doing this program for the 3rd time, after an almost two years hiatus from running. You can follow my progress on the profile, I'm currently waiting for the very annoying rain to stop in Belgrade and then to start with week 4.

I'm posting my runs with Go Couch to 5k, an app I developed last year and just updated to version 2.0 which includes dailymile API integration.
Here are more details about the integration:

Basically, after you're done, in just few taps you can post full workout details with (or without) the track map. I hope this app will be useful to more dailymilers and 5k beginners.

A fair warning: app works best with iPhone 4/4S and requires iOS 5. It will work in 3GS (although its GPS tracking is about an order of magnitude worse than 4/4S). It also works on newer iPod touches as well, but without the pace/distance tracking - iPod touch does not have GPS included.
Voice guidance does work on anything running iOS 5 though.

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