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Is the Schwinn Le Tour GSX a "starter" bike?

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Anyone know much about the Schwinn Le Tour GSX? Is it a good starter bike? Otherwise, what "specs" should I be looking for in a starter bike? I've already been fitted and know my bike size...

I'm a complete newbie to cycling lingo, mostly a runner, but wanna be cyclist. I simply want to use the bike to cross train

I've been to a few bike shops and they recommed at minimum, I get a bike that is 24-speed, with STI shifters (like I even know what that means). I just get the sense they want to "oversell" me a bike and i'm not interested in paying $$$ for a bike right now, at the same time, I want a comfortable bike

Any help would be great, there's only so much I can understand from google :-P

  • Fit, fit, fit Blah-blah-blah, fit Okay, now I've gotten my standard reply out of the way...

    This looks like it was discontinued in 2009, retail back then was ~$1200 they should be discounting it just to get it off their floor. It sounds like it should be a good starter.

    Schwinn is now owned by Dorel Industries, who also make bikes under the GT, Mongoose, and Cannondale brands, it should be a good quality build.

    STI= Shimano Total Integration, it is the dual lever brake shifter, rather than the thumb release down shifter on the lower levels of Shimano's line. That is a good way to look for higher quality Shimano components. Shimano has 7ish levels of components, (numbers only), Sora, Tiagra (STI), 105 (STI), Ultegra (STI), and Dura-Ace (STI).

    24-speed, is rather deceptive, the top performance bikes in the world "only" have 20 or 22 gear ratios. I would rather have an 18-speed compact over a 24-speed. The main point the shops are probably trying to get across is, a 24-speed will have 8 rear gears, and that is the minimum you should look for.

    Bottom line is have you ridden other bikes in this price range and do you like the Le Tour better than the rest? I don't want to push you in either direction, cycling is about comfort in the saddle and the joy of riding. That is why most every post I make about looking for a bike I mention often and repeatedly that FIT is the most important factor.

    While on the subject of comfort, cycling shorts are the best investment in comfort you can make.

    posted about 6 years ago

  • AwesomE, AWESOME Feedback! There should be a super "like" button for this. Thank you, Dan M.

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