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how does going to a spin class help my running? and is this bad for your knees? I have ITB syndrome.

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  • With ITB I would make sure I talk to a doctor to see if the motions of spinning will not aggravate it. But....

    If you do spin, make sure you have the correct foot position. A neutral position will be the best, as a position with your toes inward, ankles outward, will possibly make your condition worse.

    As far as being bad for your knees, if you have your position on the bike set up correctly, and you are not pushing a heavy gear, actually spinning, the exercise may be one of the best for strengthening your knees.

    When I was a kid I had bad knee pain when I ran for any length of time. The doctor diagnose flat feet and a tendency for my kneecap to rotate, pushing against all that soft stuff behind it. Orthotics helped a bit, but I needed help with the knee problem. The doctor advised my mom to start me in some sort of cycling. That prescription was the best thing, as my knees strengthened and developed more flexibility and resistance to injury. Never again had trouble with my knees, no pain, no kneecap drift.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of really spinning if you get into a spin class. As ITB is made worse by impact type exercise, you need to make sure you are in a gear that allows you to spin minimum 80 RPM. You might think it a too-easy gear. But the focus is not building up your quads, but your calves and strengthening your knees. You also need to think smooth, fluid motion. When you are doing it right, you will be pulling up as well as pushing down on the pedals, utilizing the entire rotation of the cranks, feeling as much quad burn as calve burn. Your body should not bounce at all. And you should be getting a big time cardio workout.

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