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Pampering your feet?

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I love a great spa pedicure, but does it make sense to keep pampering them now that I've started running or is there a purpose for the hard calluses that are forming on my feet?

  • Calluses are a two sided coin. On the one hand, they're a response to the increased stress on the skin of your feet. In this sense, they are good for keeping your feet from getting rubbed raw. On the other hand, they can also form because of ill-fitting shoes, friction, and other things that aren't so good.

    I find that when callouses grow big on my own feet, they can often lead to blisters and so grinding them down a bit or softening them up can help. What you really want to see as a runner is tougher skin rather than callouses. The skin will still be soft and flexible but will grow more resilient, and will help avoid problems rather than creating new ones.

    posted almost 8 years ago

  • I was recently advised to spray my feet with surgical spirit as it dries them out which toughens the skin rather than builds calluses. Also it reduces the chance of blisters and fungal infections. And so far its working for me although I have never suffered from toe cheese :)

    posted almost 8 years ago

  • Hmm, so I guess it's ok then. Actually, I don't really have calluses, it's more like harder/thicker skin on the outside of the balls of my feet which must be getting the most impact.
    I'd hate to give up pedicures! :)

    posted almost 8 years ago

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