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Fix for Race Widget Not Updating

posted about 8 years ago | Report

I have searched the forums in search of a solution for why my race widget does not update, and the only solution I found was to clear my browser cache. This did not work, neither in Safari nor in Firefox. BUT I did find a solution on my own:
I simply clicked on the race that the widget was stuck on which took me to the race's DM page. At the upper right hand corner is a button that says 'remove race'. I clicked on this to remove the race and my widget instantly updated to show my upcoming race. I know that it is not ideal to lose your race history, but it's the only solution I can find to get the widget to work.

  • YEayyyyyy.... Thanks for this. I was stuck on it as well and this was the only way to fix it. Cheers, MV

    posted about 6 years ago

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