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Would like to add friends that like to run or bike or lift weights OR all three

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I have been on this website for a little over a week and I think it is a really great motivator. I usually bike Monday through Friday, lift weights a few times a week, and run 4-5 times a week. I have shed about 40 lbs since December and I am trying to build up to a marathon. I did my first triathlon a few weeks ago. I'd like to see how others are doing, get motivated and hopefully motivate others

  • Welcome to is truly a great way to enjoy training. You have a fantastic work out approach. I also do triathlons and love running. I just sent a FR your way. Looking forward to seeing you work towards your goals (you've already had great, 40 lbs since December!!!). Patricia

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Hello!! i am training for my first marathon in nov. and would love to do a tri someday soon!! CONGRATS on your weight loss!! i am a weight loss person... i lost 95... got pregnant.. and now i have about 50 to lose again!! :) welcome.

    posted over 6 years ago

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