Nitro Trail Half Marathon/10K/5K 2012

Saturday, June 2nd 2012 at 12:00 AM Pinole, CA
Half Marathon
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  • Dan R.

    Nitro Trail Half Marathon (In Point Pinole, CA)

    This is my first trail half marathon and 2nd half marathon that I ever run. Considering I went in with tired legs (fatigue from running too much perhaps?) and I got to the back of the starting line just as the race started I am happy with the result. The first half was slightly longer than an hour so I know I slowed down a lot on the second half (second loop) of the course. I never really walked except for the aid stations where I walked and stretched out a lot (especially on the 2nd half). I did enjoy this race and look forward to it next year where I'm sure I will be more prepared and ready to go!

    by Dan R.
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