BMO Vancouver Marathon 2010

Sunday, May 2nd 2010 at 12:00 AM Vancouver, BC
Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5 Mile
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Race Reports

  • Chris

    BMO Vancouver Marathon

    Yes!! I finished my first marathon!! Whoo Hoo!! Ok, got that out of the way, man I feel so amazing right now. That was the most difficult thing that I have ever completed. I knew it would be difficult...but damn. I had to dig deep today! The course was great, and the spectators were amazing, especially the last 3K or so. It rained for the first 18K or so, which sucked, but other than that it was an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next time!

    by Chris
  • Kimberly H.

    Vancouver Marathon

    Started off really strong, but the course was way hillier than I expected. Seemed like we were always going slightly up or slightly down. Come mile 13 my legs were already shot, not a good sign. Stayed on Boston pace till around mile 21 till I started getting debilitating leg cramps... not good! Never had those, so didn't think to bring salt tabs. Had to walk/stretch/jog the rest of the way. Next time I guess! Yes Han, rain stinks, it rained on us the entire time too. At least it wasn't hot!

    by Kimberly H.
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