Moonlight Half Marathon 2012

Saturday, May 12th 2012 at 12:00 AM Jesolo, IT
Half Marathon
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  • Luna

    Moonlight Half Marathon

    Nice race.Took it easy as I was concerned about the knee/leg issue and happily finished without too much pain!!Yay!Nice course at dusk, along a river and then the sea, with the last km in a nicely crowded downtown Jesolo (a touristic sea town in Veneto).
    A little bit on the hot&humid side, but nothing extreme; one bad thing was that aid stations were on one side only, I didn't realize it soon enough and missed the first one at 5k, so by the second one (10K) I was so thirsty I gulped down half a bottle of water! At the 15k station they offered strawberries too, so this made up for the previous mistake ;) And I made sure to be on the right side this time :D
    Race packet was just a singlet (which I don't use), and the medal is exactly the same as last year, so nothing interesting on this side. But I really like this race, the support, the sea, the atmosphere of running at dusk ... hope to run it again next year!

    by Luna
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