Ottawa Race Weekend - Half Marathon 2010

Sunday, May 30th 2010 at 9:00 AM Ottawa, ON
Half Marathon and 5K
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Race Reports

  • Brendan K.

    Ottawa Half Marathon - 4th AG / 40th overall, 1:21:46

    Felt great! Went into the race with no real expectations since this was more of a fun weekend destination race - 11 Somerville Road Runners piled into a 12 passenger van and booked it for the border this Memorial Day weekend, with 9 of us doing the Half Marathon. They ran out of almost all normal sizes of the giveaway race tech shirts (even though they had us submit our sizes when signing up), but they took down bib # and are supposed to be mailing the shirts out. I liked the course - relatively flat, with some rolling sections and then out and back along the canal. Around the 10k we met back up with marathoners, which got a little hectic as 4:30 marathoners were stretched 5 wide across the road as I was trying to chase a guy I was calling in my head "Canadian Cyclops" - he had a red Canada tech shirt and X-Men style sunglasses - the two of us were having to swing far to the left of the road at points, I try my best at these events to run tangents so I'm not running anything more than the shortest line. I've had some consistent mileage and am in better shape now than Hyannis back in February where I ran 1:24, but I'm definitely not in PR shape yet. That's for this fall! I'd have been happy with anywhere in the 1:23-1:25 range (with 8k to go, I told myself I could run 7 minute miles and still run the 1:25 I told my friends - that's where my mind was at since I was in no man's land and not in ideal race shape, haha). The race was only marked in kilometers, so I borrowed a Garmin (it was a 205) for the first time ever. It was pretty neat. Info overload sorta since it gave me every half mile split! I did like it but don't know if I could handle it all the time. Ran around 6:01-6:07 pace for a while but fell off in the last 4 miles or so. 40th out of 10,000 plus, 4th in my age group! Would have gotten top 15 at Run to Remember but WORSE in my age group - funny how that works sometimes - Big shout out to Greg Picklesimer from SRR who WON the RTR half marathon in Boston!!

    by Brendan K.
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