AIDS Life Cycle 2012

Sunday, June 3rd 2012 at 12:00 AM SF/LA, CA
Road Race
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  • Tony E.
    Tony E.

    AIDSlifecycle is 'An Experience of a Lifetime".
    And with each 545 mile, 7 day bike trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I have learn something new about myself.

    AIDSLifecycle 2012 - Day #6 - Lompoc to Ventura -

    It was a very challenging & rewarding day.

    My bike wheel became united with another cyclist's wheel.

    And then, I fell into the freeway pavement.

    And as I assessed my bodily damage, I realized no bones were broken yet I had road rash on my right extremities.

    And then, I invisioned my good friend of Bella Luxe, Lisa Hines saying, "if nothing is broken, then get your butt back on that bike".....

    And then I heard the words of Oprah Winfrey, "Vision, Focus, OWN It!"

    And then I heard my mother saying "no one said it would be easy".

    Well, although it was mentally challenging, I continued with the journey.

    85 miles later - Mission Complete!

    Thank you to all of the riders, roadies, and cheerleaders who support the 2,200 cyclist.
    15th California AIDS Ride / AIDSLifecycle Cyclist, Tony Eason -

    about 6 years ago

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