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Sunday, October 7th 2012 at 12:00 AM Chicago, IL
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  • Raul E.

    Chicago Marathon Pt. 3

    10-10-10 - 1st Marathon Ever:
    Didn't really know what to expect but starting off right downtown with people lining 80% of both sides of the road, I felt great. Tour through Lincoln Park around mile 5 still less than 7:00 pace. Half Marathon PR 1:27:00, hmm is this pace a good idea?
    Then cramps at mile 19 have me going from frozen in fear to laying on my back in Chinatown (little old guy staring at me silently, while chain smoking, while appearing to wonder what I might do next was a nice touch); to powering slowly and gingerly through 7+ miles. It was a great day.

    10-09-11 - I'm back!
    Play it smarter this year but still around the Pilsen, mile 17ish stomach starts to get dicey. I wonder if its a little part of me thinking about the Chinatown Challenge that is coming up? I come far too close to spray-painting the sidewalk with goo; I survive.
    As I run through I look for that spot where I lost it last year; disappointed to find the little stoop lacking the same observers...I make it to around 21 near Comiskey part and marathon nervouses sets in: Can I make it? Will I need to walk? I rally, finish but with a plummeting pace finish time's even slower than the previous year, but I can walk at the end and feel more human than zombie this year. Success.

    10-07-12 Third time's the...?
    Here we ago again everyone. The Chicago Marathon. As a runner how could you not like it. The almost pancake flat course that tours through basically the entire City of Chicago is awesome. Crowd is amazing and varies with the varying neighborhoods; each with their own flavor. Weather can vary from way too hot and humid 80+ to at least its not snowing 35.

    I look forward training with all of you for this year's shot at the course. Looking to power through the entire course this year.

    by Raul E.
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