Chicago Marathon 2012 2012

Sunday, October 7th 2012 at 12:00 AM Chicago, IL
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  • Tommy T.

    Chicago Marathon

    First Marathon. I was on pace for 3:50 until about mile 20. I was disappointed in my time but I was grateful for the experience. I learned more about myself over the last 18 weeks of training than I thought was possible. I don't know if I'll ever run that distance again (I'm much more suited to half marathon distances and shorter) but I'm the Marathon is definitely a life change experience. Thank you to my friends on DailyMile, Twitter and Facebook. Your support and advice were invaluable.

    The race itself was great. The Chicago community is awesome. There are about 40,000 runners but it really feels like the entire city is cheering for each and every runner. You really feel that they want you to succeed.

    The only criticism is that charity runners shouldn't be able to line up in front of a faster corral. I was in Corral F (3:50-4:20 finish time. The charity groups were in E and I spent the first 3-4 miles dodging slower walk/runners.

    by Tommy T.
  • Aneta Z.

    Chicago Marathon

    Finished my first full marathon. What an incredible experience! I really loved the race, beautiful course (loved it even though it was really cold today, and I usually love running in the cold weather), awesome crowd support. I won't lie - the last 6+ miles where rough. I knew they would be, but I guess it is different to hear others telling you and then actually experience it. Overall I loved the experience and will definitely do a full marathon again! But no more then 1-2 times a year :)

    by Aneta Z.
  • Jes O.

    NEW PR!

    Chicago was an AWESOME experience! This was my 3rd marathon (in my first year of running, so kinda still a newbie) The course was great, but my GARMIN hated it! I had to track my time the old fashioned way, with a watch!. Whew, math in my head at every mile?

    I would definitely do this one again!

    by Jes O.
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