Manchester City Marathon 2014

Sunday, November 2nd 2014 at 12:00 AM Manchester, NH
Half Marathon and Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Laura A.

    Manchester Marathon- My First

    The good news: The expo was well organized and I love the shirt. The race bag is nice and my packet came with a cowbell which is pretty cool. The morning of the race I could hear all the announcements even before I was at the start line which was very nice.
    During the race there are porta potties every so often but there was a line at every one I passed for the first 15 miles. Fortunately I never needed one but I would hate to have to stop running and wait behind 4 or 5 people for the one porta-pottie. The half marathon had about 3 times as many runners as the marathon and crowd support really died after the 13.1 mark. All the turns were well marked and there was someone at every turn so I never felt uncertain about the course but there were a few spots where I would have preferred to be farther away from the cars. The roads are not closed for the most part but they did a decent job of directing traffic. All of the water/Gatorade stops were well marked and well manned.
    At mile 21 they call your name and town as you go by which I thought was a nice touch and gave me some much needed support. The finisher's medal is nice and there was a good selection drinks and snacks at the end. I guess I looked pretty rough after I finished because the medical guy asked if I was okay so it's nice to know they were paying attention!

    by Laura A.
  • Damian S.

    Manchester Half Marathon

    Tough course but I enjoyed it and would do it again

    by Damian S.
  • Paul

    Manchester, NH marathon

    Hills, hills, and more hills. Bloody cold and 35-40 mph winds blowing my sideways and sometimes it felt like i was going backwards!

    by Paul
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  • Mark M.
    Mark M.

    Anyone planning on running the marathon at around 8:10 to 8:15 pace? I guess there are no pacers this year, and after cramping bad at NH Marathon Oct 1st, trying for 8:00 pace, I'm looking for a slower more "pleasant" experience.

    over 7 years ago

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