Yuengling Shamrock Marathon 2014

Sunday, March 16th 2014 at 12:00 AM Virginia Beach, VA
Marathon, 5 Mile, and Half Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Marie

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by Marie
  • Bobbie

    Shamrock Marathon

    I didn't really have so much of a "strategy" going into this one. I was a little off-put by not doing my last long run, but I knew I'd at least finish. So, I just had fun. I ran the first half super fast, though not in an "I'm going to die" sort of way, but more of a "this is really fun, and I know I'll need to slow down later" sort of way. In doing so, I PRed my 10-miler (1:18.something) and my half marathon (1:44.something). After the half, the head-on wind really got to me, and I slowed down very much. Then we went down that never-ending road where they stuck things like jokes and Irish prayers on signs in the ground, trying to make up for the fact that is was a several-mile stretch with absolutely zero spectators and encouragement. I ran really slow there, somewhat bored and unmotivated. Once we made it through that stretch, I picked my pace back up (though not to pace number one, just up), and kept it high until the end. At mile 21 exactly, I watched 3 people fall to the ground simultaneously, and unrelated, clutching visible cramps. THAT was freaky. The last 3 miles were painful, and produced my first knee pain of my life. That hurt the most the next day too, but seems to be subsiding today.
    The last half mile was very fast, because we finally were running through large crowds. On the last turn, some woman told me I looked strong enough to catch a slew of guys who were way ahead of me - so I pushed it harder and did catch a whole lot of them, shaking off a woman who was also trying to keep a step ahead of me.
    In the end I was 531/3303 overall, 97/1359 woman (TOP 100!!!) and 14/131 in my age group, and I was the 2/40 24-year-olds.

    by Bobbie
  • Alison C.

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by Alison C.
  • Billie P.

    1st Marathon Review


    Great Race - lovely crowd in the 1st half, the 15-19 mile part can be lonely. Aid stations are great and the location is awesome. The expo was fun and the race was well organized!

    by Billie P.
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  • Krissy M.
    Krissy M.

    Anyone run this race before have experience with the pacers?

    almost 7 years ago
  • Marlene E.
    Marlene E.

    I don't know the area but would love to see everyone.

    almost 7 years ago
  • Jess T.
    Jess T.

    I think it is a great idea! I've started looking at restaurants for a saturday night dinner, maybe we could all get together?

    almost 7 years ago
  • Rob P.
    Rob P.

    That would be great! How do you decide when /where to meet?

    almost 7 years ago
  • Marlene E.
    Marlene E.

    I know we are a few weeks out but has anybody started thinking about a meet up/meet ups?

    almost 7 years ago

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