Howth Triathlon 2011

Sunday, July 17th 2011 at 12:00 AM Dublin, IE
Sprint and Olympic
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    Howth Sprint Triathlon

    Nice race looking back. The day was not shaping up to be the best weather, but the rain held off for the race.

    Had a good strong swim, no major chop and it was a short one. Out of the water in the top 10.

    Held a good position on the bike. Think I lost places to 2 piranhas and another 3dTrier, but passed a lot going up the hill (olympic racers). 2 laps of Howth hill with a nice fast flat section on the way back into the village.

    Came off the bike, and immediately felt my legs getting heavy. Got my breathing in order, and kept a steady pace, but it wasn't fast enough (over 5min/km) to hold the place I had off the bike. Lost about 15 places on the run, which is better than previous races. Need to get consistently below 4:45min/km to hold more positions.

    Finished in 23rd, and super happy with the result. These results are great for confidence and motivation, but some of these races are not being hit by the top notch guys, and I can't be expecting to stay at this percentile all season. My run needs more work, and I will put the hours in. The work so far is paying off, and I need to keep it up.

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