Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - Virginia Beach 2012 2012

Sunday, September 2nd 2012 at 12:00 AM Virginia Beach, VA
Half Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Jennifer S.

    Race Report

    VA Beach 1/2 went great! Bands were a big help but so was the very flat terrain and cloudy cover!

    by Jennifer S.
  • Adam P.

    Virginia Beach Half Marathon

    So I ran the Virginia Beach 1/2 Marathon with my brother last Sunday. It was a great morning for running and the race went smoothly. It was nice to run at this pace so that I could take in the sites and enjoy the surroundings. The start and finish were great. Plenty of room at the start and the finish was by the beach. It would've been awesome to have lounged on the beach afterwards, but we had to hit the road. Since this was a Rock n Roll event, there was plenty of music on the course and also lots of school bands and cheer leading groups. Some of the middle miles weren't the most interesting, but I would do the race again. The race expo was awesome, lots of vendors, got a couple of great deals. Plus I was able to see Ryan Hall run.

    by Adam P.
  • Michele M.

    Finished my first half marathon doing the Rock 'n roll Virginia Beach

    The flat route definitely was a huge help. Had an awesome time.

    by Michele M.
  • Jeff

    My first half

    Wow! What a neat experience. The crowd was great and the beach was real cool. I was incredibly dehydrated and it was a lot, but I might go for another half in a couple years.

    by Jeff
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