St. Jude Memphis Marathon 2011

Saturday, December 3rd 2011 at 12:00 AM Memphis, TN
Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K
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Race Reports

  • Phillip K.

    St. Jude Marathon

    I started out with the 4 hour group in hopes of finishing strong and running my first marathon run in under 4 hours. However, after averaging 9:06/mile over the first 17 miles, I was unable to continue at my pace. I wound up run/walking the last 8 miles and completed my first ever marathon. I came away with an amazing feeling of satisfaction in spite of falling short of my goal. I learned that I will have to train harder for my next marathon in order to achieve my goal. All I have to do is shave an hour off next time! I want to thank all of my Daily Mile friends for encouraging me along my journey to fulfilling a dream.

    by Phillip K.
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