MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon 2011

Sunday, December 4th 2011 at 12:00 AM Dallas, TX
Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K
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Race Reports

  • Susan C.

    Dallas White Rock 1/2 Marathon

    Brutal conditions.. Low 40s and it rained steady the WHOLE time. Course support was good. Qualified for Half Fanatics!

    by Susan C.
  • Jeremy G.

    MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Relay Leg 1

    wet and rainy! squishy feet are gross, but our race rocked!!

    by Jeremy G.
  • Dee J.



    by Dee J.
  • Anthony P.

    Rain keeps falling down, down...

    The organizers and volunteers did a great job. Hats off and a pat on the back to all of the volunteers that stood out in the rain. The course had plenty of water/gatorade stops. Medal, race shirt and a finisher shirt were nice perks. The expo was well organized. I actually read the whole race booklet in our packet, it helped out greatly for an out of towner like myself. I thought Fair Park was big enough to accomodate everyone and it was nice to have the option of being inside one of the three open buildings to stay warm and out of the rain. I can't think of too many other venues that could accomodate that.

    My only strong suggestion would be to have clear mile markers at every mile. I had trouble pacing myself with just my watch, as I did not know where to take my splits. I beileve the mile markers were only at 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12. I may have missed some.

    They could also have had more port-a-potties set up at Fair Park for pre-race business. As I was walking around before the race, I saw a lot of frustration and shivering in the people waiting in line.

    Everyone I talked to before, during, and after the race were really nice and quite helpful. Thanks to the guy that told me that the last part of the half was down hill too. Knowing that helped get me through the heavier stretches of rain. Thank You Dallas.

    by Anthony P.
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  • J A.
    J A.

    Cold and wet, but fun! Painfully completed my first marathon!

    about 7 years ago

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