Falmouth Road Race 2012

Sunday, August 12th 2012 at 12:00 AM Falmouth Heights, MA
10K and Fun
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The Falmouth Road Race is an annual 7.1 mile road race on Cape Cod from Woods Hole, a village in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, to Falmouth Heights.

Race Reports

  • Chelsea P.

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by Chelsea P.
  • Debi H.

    Falmouth Road Race

    74F overcast. I always get anxious about this race although I've ran it 7 times. There was approximately 11,0000 runners. The start and finish line are in different places which meant getting bussed and sitting around forever. I am not a patient person and so the wait is a killer for me. Ugh. I think I hit a PR for number of times going to the bathroom.
    Anyways, it is a crowded race and for the first 3 miles had to run the pace of the pack. I could maneuver thru some folks but it just wasn't worth it. I don't wear a watch or garmin during races and using my not so good mental math, I think my first mile was 10:30 then a couple 10 min miles. At mile 4-7, the pack loosened up and I was able to run ~9 min miles. Surprisingly my hips, feet and legs felt pretty good the entire race. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my performance and results. Not a PR but seeing how I performed in the 2nd part of the race, I think I would've come close if the race wasn't so crowded the initial miles. Oh well. Gotta love this course.

    by Debi H.
  • Honah L.

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by Honah L.
  • Ken T.

    Fantastic Race

    This is the greatest non-marathon race in the country. I have run it 13 times since '96 and it is always a great time. I have run up near the front of the mid-packers some years and in the back in the mid-packers...just make sure that you slap the hands of all the kids along the way...you will not regret it

    by Ken T.
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