Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon & Half Marathon 2013 2013

Sunday, October 6th 2013 at 12:00 AM Hampton, NH
Marathon and Half Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Colleen

    Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

    It was rainy and cold and windy lol repeat of rock and roll prov! But it was much flatter. Started out bottled up with too many people, I did not like that and I think it kept be back a bit especially since I did not get to settle into my pace until mile 2! But my fifth and final half marathon of the year is done :)

    by Colleen
  • Daniel B.

    Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon - What Happened.....

    This course was very beautiful. There were 1,900 half marathoners and 800 marathoners. The 2nd 13.1 miles, mostly followed the first part, but it was changed up a bit. The water stations were adequate during the 1st 13.1 miles, but there was at "least" 2 water stations missing on the 2nd part, by missing I mean the course info indicated they would be there, but they weren't, there was a gap a little over 4 miles between stations (16.2mi), and I don't think there was one at the 24.2 mile mark. This impacted a lot of runners including me.
    The course was relatively flat (two minor hills), but something runners planning on running this in the future, the road pitch is predominantly to the right, and some at many locations this seemed rather severe. Traffic control was great for the first half, but there were several dangerous points on the second half - I actually witnessed a runner almost get hit by a car at an intersection - this was clearly a location that needed traffic control. Other accommodations that were lacking and/or missing: No bag drop, no timed signs along the course, race officials were not knowledgeable (I asked two where the next drink stations were, neither one knew), there was suppose to be a band at the end, but apparently the weren't prepared to play under the tent in the rain, and finally, the race website was missing information (i.e. timing method, bag check yes/no). On the plus side: Marathoners got a really nice running jacket, free beer and pizza at the end, and this course seems like a good one to BQ at, I know lots did last year and several seem to have this year too despite the weather.

    Overall I'd say this seems like it'd be a good half marathon, but if you're looking for a full, you might want to consider another venue. I was not aware of this until after the race, but this was only the second year of the full - hopefully as it matures they'll workout some of the issues - the lack of drink stations is a major fail.

    by Daniel B.
  • Jocelyn B.

    First Marathon. Great Experience.

    This was my first full marathon. I really enjoyed the course, it was very beautiful. The volunteers were amazing, fantastic, I wanted to hug all of them. It was pouring rain, and they were still there, cheering us on and giving us water with a smile. Dear Volunteers, it wouldn't be possible without you. Having the ocean views as the last stretch of the race was really great, a nice distraction for my 20+ mile delirious head. I will definitely sign up next year. Fast, flat, a definite possibility for a BQ. (pending injuries and buckets of training)
    A few improvements would be nice, though.
    The second half of the race had fewer water stations. This may have been because I was in the back of the pack and it was pouring rain. I few more stations would have been nice.
    Also, the road was VERY slanted. One side of my body hurts significantly more than the other. I don't know what can be done about this, but, it was a definite bummer.
    I also didn't stick around for my finisher's beer. It was too cold, and my pit crew (my loving, wonderful family) was soaked to the bone. No one's fault but the weather Gods. I picked up a case of Smuttynose on my way home, and enjoyed my finisher's beer in my warm apartment.
    Great marathon swag. I love my jacket.
    Fantastic race. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I've officially been bit by bit by the marathon bug. See you next year!

    by Jocelyn B.
  • M O O S E.

    Darn Weather!

    First time doing this race; I did the half. Twas cold, dark and windy before the race started, but great running weather. Rain didn't start until after I finished about 102 minutes after the 8AM start time. Felt bad for the marathoners, who had cold and rain and a tough 13.1 more miles to deal with. The after race party would have been awesome -- but for the weather!! Still stayed long enough to have about five beers and five lobster rolls - the weather helped in the quantity department but it really was freezing. The band did play while I was there but maybe they cut out early? It was a great set up for a party with the beers, sea shell, ocean, beach, band and lobsta', but unfortunately you cannot control the weather. Hopefully next year it will cooperate. More women than men ran, and I heard they ran out of shirts for females but had extra mens' shirts so the women, I believe, ended up with mens' shirts. Also, timers at the mile marks would have been helpful. And from what I read I guess a few more water stops for the marathoners were warranted. I loved the course though, and look forward to next year. Thanks!

    by M O O S E.
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