2011 Rock 'n' Roll Providence 1/2 Marathon 2011

Sunday, August 7th 2011 at 8:00 AM TDB Providence, RI
Half Marathon and Marathon
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Take in the coastal breeze and waterfront views while jamming to the beat of Rock ‘n’ Roll! The Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence 1/2 Marathon on August 7, 2011 launches in one of the most inviting small cities in America, bringing together the city’s natural beauty, vibrant ... read more


Race Reports

  • Jennifer L.

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by Jennifer L.
  • Bradley H.

    Providence Rock n' Roll Half

    I am not completely sure what to say about this one. I know I am in 1:30 shape but today just wasn't the day. It rained the whole time which didn't help me I'm sure. I've never been more careful of not going out too fast and the first mile was right on the money @ 6'52''. After that the hills began and I relaxed not worrying too much about the slowing down a little. Looking back, I think I should have pushed a little harder thru the hills because I never really got it to click after that. Somehow the last 5 miles turned in to a battle with the reflex to quit. Managed to hold it together for a minute and a half PR anyway. Funny how a race can leave you pleased and disappointed at the same time.

    by Bradley H.
  • Sara S.

    Race Report

    It wasn't a PR, but it wasn't my worst time either. (I beat my mom though; mission accomplished!) The course was hillier than I expected. It rained the entire time, mostly a down pour. I think I was carrying an extra 3 lbs of water in my shoes before I was finished. My shoulder also started to hurt again; it was so horrible by mile 12 that I wanted to cry. There wer supposed to be bands playing at every mile, but some of them weren't able to because of the rain. The ones that did play were pretty good; I was listening to my ipod.
    2 mile split: 19 min 9 sec
    4 mile split: 18 min 43 sec
    6 mile split: 19 min 31 sec (horrible hills during miles 4 and 5)
    8 mile split: 19 min 42 sec
    10 mile split: 19 min 36 sec (horrible hill during mile 8)
    12 mile split: 19 min 38 sec
    13.1 time: 10 min 45 sec (last .2 miles were uphill - who does that???!!)
    total: 2 hours 7 min 27 sec

    by Sara S.
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