Polar Bear 5k 2011

Saturday, January 22nd 2011 at 10:00 AM Florence, SC
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  • Amy Lauren S.
    Amy Lauren S.

    Well, it is not the easiest 5K in the world but it really is fun. I did it last year. The location, Camp Sexton, is right off the interstate at the TV Rd. exit. You kinda have to go back into the woods for it. Also, most of the race is downhill but there's a big hill at the end so save some energy for it.

    Last Jan., it definitely was not my best time ever but I had a great time and that's what matters. They have chili afterwards too, and the kids make the awards and help out with the race. I know I won't PR at this or place in my age group (it's a big race) but I always want to do it, it's just a really great cause and it is a fun but challenging 5K.

    about 8 years ago
  • Suzanne M.
    Suzanne M.

    I am going to try the 5K, but I am going to be left way in the back! I haven't been doing this long! How do you find out where to go to start? I've never done this before!

    about 8 years ago

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