Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon 2011

Saturday, June 25th 2011 at 5:00 AM Tukwila, WA
Marathon and Half Marathon
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A Running Nirvana…Featuring ideal running temperatures in the mid-60’s and beautiful scenery, the Pacific Northwest is a perfect destination for an early summer vacation. Both courses start in Tukwila and wind along Lake Washington, finishing outside of Qwest Field in downt... read more


Race Reports

  • Chris H.

    Seattle Rock n Roll Half

    My first half marathon since I switched from walker to runner. This is my Garmin time. I'm really happy with it. I was hoping to beat 3:30 and I did that pretty easily. I took more walk breaks than usual, so it surprised me that I kept up the pace I wanted. The atmosphere must have inspired me to run a little bit faster than usual.

    It started off a little rough. The bus that was supposed to pick us up was an hour late, so I didn't arrive until they had already released the first few corrals. Sometime between lining up to start and the start, the rubber piece on one of my ear buds fell off and was lost. That was a bummer since I'd gone to great efforts to select my playlist.

    There were so many people. It took almost 50 minutes after the start for my corral to get to the front. I just wanted to get going, and it was a relief when we were finally set on our way. I felt a little tired for the first few miles. Not running fatigue, more than likely the result of getting up a couple hours earlier than normal. After miles 3 or so my energy picked up and I felt fine for the remainder. One of my knees started to ache pretty early on. This is new; I haven't had any knee pain in training. It was actually more uncomfortable to walk than run, so it didn't really hold me back at all. It is, however, really stiffening up now. I'm icing it as I sit here.

    Overall, I'm really happy with my first Half. When I started running again last December, I had a hard time running 3 blocks, so it feels great to know that I stuck with the training and accomplished the half.

    I already signed up for the for the Seattle Half in November, and I'm excited about it.

    by Chris H.
  • Jen

    Seattle RnR Marathon

    No extra information given.

    by Jen
  • Nicholas U.

    Rock n' Roll Seattle!!!

    Spectators along the course were awesome! Always cheering and having fun.

    Traffic was great, not a problem at all! (Vehicle traffic.... :) )

    Race tees were a major plus. Some of the t's I've gotten in the past are cheap, and I'll never wear. Fit's off a little, or materials not that great. BUT! This one is a Brook's running T, design is good, and I'll have no problem wearing it around.

    Can't rate restrooms, I go right before the race, and NEVER on the course.

    Course... a little crazy. The hills weren't the most fun, but I found them motivating coming down hill. :)
    Coming off the viaduct onto 1st Ave was crazy. I know the course is measured, and everything is perfect, but that mile 25 to 26 seemed long and forever. I'm just saying.... I still beat my time on my 1st marathon of 3:38 (Lincoln, NE which was a very flat course) so I'm not complaining. Mind over matter...

    Overall, I had fun. The finish splitting the half and full marathoner's was GREAT! I loved being separated, but it did seem the focus was on the HALF finishers...


    by Nicholas U.
  • Chris N.

    Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon

    This race seriously kicked my ass. I missed a good three weeks of training at the worst possible time in my training schedule so I was undertrained to begin with. Despite that I knew I would be able to finish the marathon. I just didn't expect this course to be so brutal on me. The first half was pretty easy and I did it in 2:01. At that point I knew there was no way I'd go under 4 hours but I felt that at least I could get around 4:05 - 4:10 or something. Then came mile 14 and the start of a FOUR MILE climb. It was ridiculous and I was actually pretty angry at around mile 17. It's just so discouraging for me to see nothing but a hill in front of me. I think even if I had been fully trained the hill still would have killed me because, mentally, excessive climbs just break me. I walked a lot! It didn't get any easier after that, either. Most of the second half of the race was long climbs followed by quick drops followed by long climbs again. They even threw in a nice long climb between miles 24.5 - 25.5. I was pretty much hating life throughout the race but I'm happy I finished at least!
    I won't do Rock and Roll Seattle again and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. There are three out and backs in the race and they are all very very long. They are a bit depressing. Although it was cool to be able to see my friends on the out and backs. That helped a bit. I was also very disappointed with the crowd support. The Portland Marathon had a much better and bigger crowd and lots more bands even though it was raining. The weather was perfect in Seattle yesterday and still not many people showed up to support the race. My final complaint is that I didn't like the tunnels much. The first tunnel was nearly a mile long and it was actually a bit stuffy in there with so many runners in there. Also the tunnels all seemed to go uphill (of course). I'm glad it's over. Congratulations to everyone that finished!

    by Chris N.
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  • Kim D.
    Kim D.

    Heather the dirty dash looks like ALOT of fun!

    about 7 years ago

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