Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon 2011 2011

Sunday, June 5th 2011 at 6:30 AM San Diego, CA
Marathon and Half Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Jennifer R.

    San Diego

    Pretty good - tummy troubles brought me down and slowed me up but I did it!

    by Jennifer R.
  • User_avatar

    Rock 'n' Roll San Diego 2011 Half Marathon

    I'm upset, I had a sub 2:20 pace (I calculated around a 2:18:00) but a few hundred yards after the mile 12 marker my soleus completely lost it and I fell to the pavement. Luckily, two people helped me up to the edge of the race or I would have been sitting there for a while. Medical comes over and they were super helpful, they told me how many miles I had left, assessed me and everything. And I did lunges the rest of the 1.3 miles, every step I could feel my leg just wanted to give out. I'm sure the finishing photos are something to laugh at, I can't wait. I went to medical after the race, they wrapped my leg in ice.. Started hyperventilating, what a treat. :) After about an hour of that, slowly made my way home. I think I'm going to have to start carrying Na+ or K+ pills and stretch at mile 10. Anyway, still in high hopes, I beat my San Diego 2010 time by an hour and I'm officially a 2:30 runner (second time getting it). The bus route this time was so much better, last year was terrible, I overheard six people passed out, only waited 10 minutes for a bus this time.

    Deleted User
  • Jason M.

    Repeat offender

    SD RnR marathon #4. The course was a little better this year. Less Fiesta Island. Although miles 16-18 were a rough out and back. Great weather again, well planned event. Traffic on the freeway was INSANE! Good thing I know my way around here, yet still it was a bit of a panic moment. I missed my corral start but still managed to run to and make it out with corral 6. My best time out of the 4 so I'm thrilled. My son and wife enjoyed the really very much. Well done. Run it.

    by Jason M.
  • William S.

    2011 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon

    Incredibly fun event! If all the Rock and Roll marathons are like this, I'll definitely be doing more! Live bands every 2-3 miles, water every 1-2 miles, tons of enthusiastic spectators.

    Everything went well until about mile 18, up to which I was trying to stay between 8:45-9:00 minute miles. There was a long gentle uphill between mile 15-17. At the top I stopped to stretch, and my calves got completely cramped up. After that it was pretty much walk/jog until mile 25. I definitely didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but I learned a lot of lessons, most notably, get more than 7 hours sleep the two nights before a marathon!

    Garmin data:

    by William S.
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