Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2011

Sunday, August 14th 2011 at 12:00 AM Chicago, IL
Half Marathon
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  • Andrew H.

    Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

    No extra information given.

    by Andrew H.
  • David F.

    Race Report

    No extra information given.

    by David F.
  • Tiffany H.

    Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2011

    Almost miraculous how good the weather was for Chicago. Yes, it rained a little but not enough to get your shoes and socks wet. It wasn't hot, it was actually cool with the cloud cover and breeze from the lake. Running around the city was great. Chicago has a lot to see.

    I took it easy as I wasn't sure how I'd do with the distance. I ended up feeling great so I quickened my pace for the last three miles and skipped my intervals and it was a lot of fun.

    Many thanks to Lindsey for keeping me at pace for the first half and Dierk for running me in at the last.

    by Tiffany H.
  • Krista C.

    Good Morning

    Temperature was great for running- I really enjoyed it... it started to rain halfway through, but it didn't bother me... loved the bands throughout the run! After the race I had planned on staying but it started raining harder which put a damper on things! Overall though it was a good race.

    by Krista C.
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