Pittsburgh Marathon & Half Marathon 2011

Sunday, May 15th 2011 at 6:30 AM Pittsburgh, PA
Half Marathon and Marathon
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The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon is a non-profit organization which promotes the love of long-distance running and enhances community involvement in fitness activities through high quality events open to a wide variety of ages and ability levels. Our events will c... read more


Race Reports

  • Tricia S.

    Run for a Reason

    Hello! I am the coordinator for the Pittsburgh marathon for Operation Troop Appreciation. We are local charity here in Pittsburgh and one of the charities in the program "Run for a Reason" with the Pittsburgh marathon. If you would like to run for us and raise some money please feel free to contact me by email otapghmarathon@gmail.com. My name is Tricia Staley. Here is link to OTA website www.operationtroopappreciation.org

    by Tricia S.
  • Jari

    Race Report

    Great! First race ever and I had a lot of fun. Slower pace than I thought, but now I have a good measure to work towards my next event.

    by Jari
  • Chris M.

    Pittsburgh Half-Marathon 2011

    Good race, I was happy with how I ran, definitely felt better than last year. Great support from spectators throughout the course.

    by Chris M.
  • Mark O.

    Half Marathon Review

    Even though it rained, I thought the weather was great - the rain kept it cool. Spectators were awesome - thanks for coming out and cheering people on in the rain. LOVE the technical shirts. I had a much better race this year than last year so of obviously I liked the course :). Surprisingly, it was a relatively flat course, there were some small rolling hills but that's a good thing for me, I don't like running the same grade for long distances - I like to mix up the muscles needed to run.

    Not sure about the different start and finish lines - I don't know my way around Pittsburgh that well so I'm not sure what would be best for hotel options. We had a 3/4 mile walk to the start and a 1.25 mile walk back from the finish (which I did 3 times cause I had to go back and get my GF who did the marathon) - I guess that was OK - we got out of Pittsburgh after the race easily so that was good.

    Overall it was a good experience, I'm pretty sure we'll be back next year.

    by Mark O.
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