Cellcom Green Bay marathon 2011

Sunday, May 15th 2011 at 12:00 AM Green Bay, WI
Marathon and Half Marathon
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  • Ron D.

    Green Bay Cellcom Long?

    This is a call to the Garmin Nation. Mine measure the course long, and so did the Garmin's several others were wearing. I would love to know, because long means my time is actually better than it is.
    Hated the WIND! By did that make six miles which should have been beautiful, horrendous. Argh!

    by Ron D.
  • Brian L.

    Not bad for a windy day

    The weather forecast in the morning had most folks a bit down as they saw their goals being trashed by the wind. My hopes for a sub 4 hour marathon did not look good. I dug deep during the 6 mile slog into the headwind and found myself passing runner after runner and when I hit the final timing mat I not only beat the 4 hour mark but I beat it by almost 5 minutes. it made me feel good that I could step it up when it counted.

    by Brian L.
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  • Adina

    Hey Dailymilers! Check out the meetup link!!

    about 7 years ago

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