Old Sandwich Road Race 2010

Sunday, June 6th 2010 at 12:00 AM Plymouth, MA
Half Marathon
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  • Chris K.

    Inaugural Race Half Good Half Bad

    First running. Park and register at Plymouth South HS. Bus to Ellisville Harbor SP. Run along famous old dirt roads for 6 miles. Then 7 miles on pavement. Finishing back at HS track.

    Ellisville Harbor is beautiful. Can be buggy. Watch out there's nature out there! You can bring a bag of personal items off the bus and they'll take them back to the HS for you. Include bug spray!! Run on the dirt was wonderful. Shady. Very few cars. There was a steep hill and a turnaround to get us more distance on the dirt. Then we were out on the road and the course got hilly. Pretty normal after that. They did a nice job of announcing the runners as they finished on the HS track.

    They gave us nice long sleeve t-shirts. Even had XXL for me. The gym facilities were great. The entry fee of $40 was relatively low. The food after the race wasn't anything special. The water stations were few and far between and understaffed.

    I loved running on the dirt roads. Would be cool if the whole 13 was on the dirt but probably not practical. Wished there had been more water accessible. I was dying of thirst out there.

    by Chris K.
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