41. Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2017 2017

Sunday, April 9th 2017 at 12:00 AM Paris, FR
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  • Angel M.

    42K Route - Marathon de Paris, Paris - France

    Amazing experience in Paris, but I couldn't get a new PR this time.
    Everything was perfect, good feelings, awesome weather, good temperature, outstanding course, heart rate under control, progressive effort under control, until the kilometer 33 I lost my focus, my legs were very heavy and my pace was substantially decreasing. During this race, I just could feel very clear those sensations of a poor training, obviously, it was my fault. I miss a lot of endurance training and I started with my plan too late. Last year I got 02:57:57 with other problems during the race and I didn't feel those signals of weakness in my legs. Well, maybe next time!
    Age Group: 804 / 14084 (M35)
    Genre: 1394 / 32104
    Overall Position: 1441 / 42443
    CHIP TIME: 03:04:22
    Avg. Pace: 04:21 min/km
    Avg. Cadence: 181 spm
    Avg. HR: 155 bpm
    SPLITS: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1669234207
    5K: 00:21:45 // 10K: 00:42:48 // 15K: 01:03:34 // 20K: 01:24:23
    Half: 01:29:01
    25K: 01:45:39 // 30K: 02:07:31 // 35K: 02:30:07 // 40K: 02:53:56
    TOTAL: 03:04:22

    by Angel M.
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