Team Ortho Minneapolis Marathon and Half 2010

Sunday, June 6th 2010 at 12:00 AM Minneapolis, MN
Half Marathon and Marathon
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Race Reports

  • Will O.

    Race Report

    Really well. Much better than I could have hoped for

    by Will O.
  • Tim D.

    Great Day

    Overall a great race. Team Ortho does a great job!

    by Tim D.
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  • Leah B.
    Leah B.

    Ah....really sorry but I thought I was posting a picture of myself to my own page for the marathon (still getting used to this site) and didn't realize this is public...and, um, having difficulty deleting it...SORRY!! I'll still try to delete it but I feel like a complete bone-head!!!!

    about 8 years ago

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