Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon 2010

Sunday, August 1st 2010 at 12:00 AM Chicago, IL
Half Marathon
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  • Meg S.

    Rock 'n Roll Chicago Half Marathon


    Not as fast as I'd hoped, and I spent the better part of an hour bummin' over those four lousy minutes. But at the end of the day, it's faster than my original goal time, and I was working with a painful ankle and a nasty cough. That, and it gives me 3:54 to shave off the next one.

    Was a little bit quicker than my target pace for the first half. Slowed down a bit around mile seven, and by mile ten I was off pace. Couldn't make up the time after that; my body was going about as hard and fast as it could. And let me tell you, that last mile was the longest mile I've ever run in my life. Ever. Had a lot of fun on a great course, just wasn't in ideal racing health.

    Pretty damn good for my first time.

    by Meg S.
  • Jen R.

    First Half experience

    When I'd shared with some runner friends that I was headed into Chicago for a half in August, they all balked at the heat. Now I know why. While it wasn't horrid hot, the humidity was pretty thick and as the morning wore on, the haze gave way to a pretty baking sun. I'd hoped for a 2:15 finish but ended with a 2:31 after having to walk a couple of times. I loved the first 7 miles, but the next 5 or so was just a trudge on that bike path portion--very little crowd support. However, the crowds around Shedd for that last leg were pretty awesome, but unfortunately I was already shot. I'm glad I did it, but am going to save my Chicago running for March and October.

    by Jen R.
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