Chicago Triathlon 2010

Sunday, August 29th 2010 at 12:00 AM Chicago, IL
Olympic and Sprint
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  • Carmen G.

    Great event, but not if you are one of the last waves....

    My first experience with this race was 2 years ago and I was in a different age group so my start time was at a good time.
    This year I was in wave 52 with 9:40am start time. Not a good time if you are pretty slow at biking and running. During the swim part, the fire or police department had a boat to gave out massive amount of fumes from it's motor. Not good when you are trying to come up for air in the water. There were hardly any spectators, the aid stations had warm water. At the finish line, they stop saying the finishers names so only pros were giving a good cheer at the end. Also, they ran out of cold towels?!!? I practically told a volunteer to give me his because I didn't get one.
    So if you are older that 34 but younger than 30, then you will probably have a good race time.

    by Carmen G.
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