Capitol of Texas Triathlon Relay 2012

Monday, May 28th 2012 at 12:00 AM Austin, TX
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  • Rush H.

    Capitol of Texas Triathlon Olympic Relay

    Fun race. We were in the mixed relay group, and our team ended up getting 10th place out of 18. Our biker though hadn't been training much, and he cramped up so that hurt a total time of 2:47:49 a good bit. I'm also not totally sure what my actual time was because my watched messed up, but this is what the official results said. If it's accurate I have a new PR by 1 second haha. It was a very hot race since I didn't start till about 11:10. I was moving very quickly compared to all the other triathletes, so I had to do a lot of navigating around people. Next year I definitely want to compete in the whole Triathlon.

    by Rush H.
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