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  1. RUN
    Susan B. Anthony 5k
    Susan B. Anthony 5k

    Saturday, 08/12/17

    5K (1 participant)
    Sacramento, CA View More Running

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Latest Reviews

  1. Tony V.

    4.04 Miles 29.04 - 7:11 pace 5th OA Ethan- 39:40 28th OA 200 Runners?

  2. Melanie H.

    Such a hot and tough day. It was brutal. I didn't run nearly as well as I'd planned or hoped, but I went into it, especial...

  3. Angel M.

    Olympic distance Triathlon in Geesthacht. Cloudy and rainy weather but not too cold temperature. The swim start was a chao...

  4. Derick A.

    Overall: 2:55:23, 8th, 1st age group

  5. Mandi C.

    The course was VERY muddy in places. I walked the muddy bits as I did not want to take a chance on my ankle.