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    Down by the Bay 5K & Tot Trot
    Down by the Bay 5K & Tot Trot

    Sunday, 11/12/17

    5K, Kids, Fun (0 participants) Down by the Bay 5k and Tot Trot is a unique running event for the whole family! Get dressed in y...
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Latest Reviews

  1. Lilly B.

    No extra information given.

  2. Tony V.

    10.85 Miles Times 2:06:39 First In

  3. Tony V.

    10.28 Miles 1:42:48 Felt really good first 8 miles then the distance got to me a bit. no issues with any of the obst...

  4. Tony V.

    1.08 Miles with 10 obstacles plus heavy mud trail. Time: 13:18 Official place is 2nd. However the 1st place guy was in ...

  5. Mike C.

    PR for this distance in the swim; Bike was a little slower than last year; Run was solid.