The #FindYourStrong Project

Saucony is giving runners the chance to share their strong and to find inspiration, find a challenge, or a kick in the butt. The more we run, the stronger we all get. Strong is out there … what's yours?

#FindYourStrong Your Post-Run Reward

May 9th - May 15th

What do you reward yourself with after a great workout or race? Upload a photo of what you get, or get to do, and you could win the new Kinvara Nomad Jacket before it's released!

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     #FindYourStrong....The reward for me is just crossing the finish line and receiving that medal. To know that 5 yrs. ago, I could have never done what I am today. The change in life for my family &a... read more

  2. RUN
    great 8 mi 01:09 08:37 pace

    8 miler at 5am...thankful the rain subsided just in time for the run! =)  #FindYourStrong #22weekspregnant

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     #FindYourStrong I started eating this a few years ago when I had high blood pressure. Oatmeal with frozen berries, sunflower seeds, almonds, bananas, dark chocolate, and honey. Mmm.

    • Henning

      looks good.

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    • Laurie

      I often eat a similar breakfast of oatmeal with almonds, bananas, unsweetened coconut, flaxseed and coconut palm sugar...but I'd never thought to add chocolate! Tried it this morning and it was delicious...thanks for sharing!

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  4. RUN
    good 6 mi 00:52 08:39 pace

    Legs felt dead !! Did 6 x 100 strides after run !!  #FindYourStrong #21weekspregnant

  5.  #FindYourStrong - running ritual: before racing, I must have my head freshly buzzed, perhaps it makes me *feel* faster.

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    Usually the best naps ever follow a race

  7. RUN
    good F&M Loop 6.12 mi 00:54 08:47 pace

    Tried to take it easy on ths run. Two more training runs before next Saturday's Keys100 Relay. A 100 Mile race from Key Largo to Key West. Followed by two days of recovery enjoying Key West... read more

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     #FindYourStrong No better way to end a half marathon!

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     #FindYourStrong I love whiskey, but quit drinking for four months prior to the London Marathon. I had this bottle and bath soaks waiting for me at the end of it...

    • Denise R.
      Denise R.

      I'm going to be 47 this year, and I've never had hard liquor. I'm afraid to!

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    • Fran H.
      Fran H.

      I reckon if you've managed without it so far, you're probably not missing much - it'll just burn! I react badly to wine, though, so this is my replacement sipping alcohol.

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    • Tina K.
      Tina K.

      Oh, man, that's hilarious. I gave Ian a bottle of Laphroig when he finished running with me. (He looked over and asked "What's that?" I told him you'd finished a marathon. He said "And I got an 18 year for finishing a couch to 5k thing?!")

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    • Michelle H.
      Michelle H.

      Loving you girl xx

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     #FindYourStrong My post-run reward? Being able to wear jeans to work on Sunday.

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     #FindYourStrong Post Run reward? After completing my first half marathon, I decided to buy myself these sneakers. Nerd fabulousness!

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  13. RUN
    good Neighborhood Loop 4.59 mi 00:39 08:26 pace

    I was bored so I went for a quick run. I was a little sluggish since I ran a race this morning. Steady pace and great weather.

    Time to watch the Sixers and Phillies!
    #saucony  #FindYourStrong

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     #FindYourStrong I have a deal with my wife - if I run more than 20k she gives me a rubdown. (a picture of that might be awkward)

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     #FindYourStrong This was my post run snack after my 10K this morning. Forget the banana's. Bo-Berry biscuit for the win!