The #FindYourStrong Project

Saucony is giving runners the chance to share their strong and to find inspiration, find a challenge, or a kick in the butt. The more we run, the stronger we all get. Strong is out there … what's yours?

#FindYourStrong Show Us Your Saucony

June 13th - June 19th

If Saucony made it, we want to see it. Upload your photos and you could be fully outfitted by Saucony.

  1. Shared Photo

    This is me running my first trail 50K race in my Saucony Peregrines! LOVE these trail running shoes! My feet were strong and steady for all 6 hours and 13 minutes on this challengi... read more

    • Indika M.
      Indika M.

      What size do you wear? I have a pair I don't use.

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    • Indika M.
      Indika M.

      I am not a huge fan of the,. Doesn't work very well for me. Mine are 9s i think..not sure that'll work for you.

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    • Heather C.
      Heather C.

      I don't think that 9 would be big enough... apparently I've got boats for feet.... for running anyway! Normally I wear an 8.5, but I wear a 9.5 or 10 for running :-)

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    my new shoes!

  3. Shared Photo

    Three Musketeers #FindYourStrong

    • Duygun Y.
      Duygun Y.

      Yeni kinvara mi ondeki?
      Senin 1-2 tane daha yok mu :)

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    • Mert D.
      Mert D.

      abi bunlar ne böyle, ne eskimiş, ne kirlenmiş... kullanmıyor musun yoksa :D

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    • Cuneyt A.
      Cuneyt A.

      Olan var olmayan var:) Canım çekti valla kinvara 3'leri.

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    • Bahadir I.
      Bahadir I.

      @Duygun Bunlar sadece Kinvara serisi,arazi ve antrenman modellerini koymadim ayip olmasin diye :) @Mert hepsi seker gibi kiyamiyorum kullanmaya,@cuneyt kinvara 3ler gercekden farkli bir tasarimda,on kisimlari daha genis ve yere yakin duruyor digerlerine gore,tavsiye ederim

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  4. RUN
    good Hot Run on a Hot Day DANG. 00:40

    92 degrees. Not the best time to run and I could feel it. I did about 1 mile straight then was stopping each 1/4 of a mile for water. Getting there.....the compression socks and new Saucony shoes a... read more

    • Jamie

      Love me some Saucony! Way to get out there in these less than desirable conditions :)

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    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Great job! The humidity was brutal here and forced me to take a couple of breaks today too.

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    • Jenni O.
      Jenni O.

      Great job!the humidity and heat was killer today..if I only had myself to take outside today to run I would have been out in it to; but I can't do that to my 6 year old son :( so I hoped on treadmill. I was a hot sweaty mess still!

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  5. Shared Photo

     #FindYourStrong If you can't beat 'em. Blind 'em!

  6. Shared Photo

     #FindYourStrong Is it obvious I love Saucony?

    • Joe M.

      I think you have a shoe issue Mick ... just sayin'

      almost 6 years ago Like1 person

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    • Brenda T.
      Brenda T.

      wow. i'm jealous. i always brag how fast you are to ben, so i bought him a pair for father's day.

      almost 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Mick S.
      Mick S.

      @Brenda I liked your comment then felt the need to mention I like that you bought your husband shoes... not because you said I'm fast, I don't feel very fast.

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  7. Shared Photo

    First run in my Saucony Kinvara 3's was the best run I've ever had. Second run was even better.  #FindYourStrong

  8. Shared Photo

    Sunday night's run. Completed and surpassed June's #40milesinjune goal.  #FindYourStrong

    • Rachel B.
      Rachel B.

      Great job, Julie!!

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    • Jenn

      Your city has such beautiful paths! I've been doing my longer (5 mile) runs there because my area is boorrring! That it it's an excise to visit OC/Family ;)

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     #FindYourStrong Love Saucony!

  10. Shared Photo

     #FindYourStrong - Big Peach Ladies Night and Fashion Show!

  11. Shared Photo

     #FindYourStrong: favorite hat and shoes : ready for long run!

  12. Shared Photo

    This is my 1st 1/2 marathon at Disney Feb. 2012 in my Saucony Pro Guides. My inspiration was my sister who ran with me and encouraged me to get healthy and take care of myself. I found my strong ... read more

  13. RUN
    great 10 mi 01:26 08:34 pace

    Fantastic run this morning...had to drop my car off at my mom's (for my sister to borrow) so decided to run back to our house after !! It was a gorgeous 10 mile run on the main road on Staten... read more

  14. Shared Photo

    Me finishing Ironman South Africa 2012 in my Saucony Kinvara's. Probably the toughest Ironman race every due to weather - 69km/h gale force wind, rain,12C, BIG surf for the swim & wrenched... read more

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  16. Can everyone vote for my Saucony picture in the  #FindYourStrong project please?

  17. Shared Photo

     #FindYourStrong My Saucony shoes after the Color Me Rad 5k in Virginia Beach last month. (You should see the rest of me - just as colorful!)