#dailymission on June 22, 2012

How many rest days do you take during the week?

  1. How many rest days do you take during the week? 1or 2 rest days....it depends on the intensity of the workouts and the intensity of work. But I may squeeze a mellow walk in on those days, just to... read more

  2. #dailymission - How many rest days do you take during the week?
    One or two, depending on how I feel. I'm an old fart :-)

  3. #dailymission - How many rest days in a week? 3 to 4, but, it depends on the week... and I'm likely going to shorten that up as I transition to more riding than running for the summer.

  4. #dailymission Isn't this the day to do cross training?

  5. #dailymission isn't that the 8 hours of sleep I'm supposed to get? Oh wait, it was 6 last night...

  6. #dailymission Rest day? That's usually the day of the week I use to make up a workout I accidentally took off earlier in the week.

    • Robin L.
      Robin L.

      Ditto that Rachel my rest days have to be a mile because of the streak!!!

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  7. 2-3, usually only 1 total rest day.#dailymission

  8. #dailymission-How many rest days do you take during the week?
    Without recovery, adaptation may occur short-term, but ultimately it will fail. And since most injuries come from overuse, a day of res... read more

  9. #dailymission how many rest days: in my little running world, I don't have (planned) rest-days. "rest days" are coming when they want and not when the trainings plan says "Frida... read more

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      Great to see your plan, I wonder what people do. Great to see easy 13, my old plan said east 6 but I wouldn't get enough in per week that way, with the new goal of 80 per week for Mara training. Thanks for sharing Sven. :-) oh, waht is yr weekly km plan, wondering what other people do...not a competition I just want to learn.

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  10. #dailymission: Complete rest days??? None if you count in all the running around after my two boys! :) But seriously, if in training only 1 complete re├čt day.

  11. #dailymission That;s a funny one DM. If you take a peek at my training, I am on a runstreak since the year began. No off days there. Easy days are restful though. Does that count?

  12. #dailymission: How many rest days do you take during the week? Normally Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are rest days. June is a running streek, so there is no rest days. Building base for M7 marathon... read more

  13. #dailymission How many rest days do you take during the week?- From totally working out, 1 to 2. I work out and teach Mon-Fri and try to get a hike or walk in on the weekend.

    • Alison P.
      Alison P.

      I don't like to take more than 1 a week.....even then sometimes I feel like I am cheating myself....which I know is silly but I just know that my moods are better when I get out and do something. I try to use walking as a rest day activity because then I am happy that I have done something but still allowing reasonable recovery :)

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    • Nancy

      I totally agree. Sometimes my body is tired but I KNOW I feel better after I workout. I guess the key is to not push it harder than you know your body is able, and trying to get rest in while doing something mild.

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  14. #dailymission 1, usually Tuesday. Sometimes Friday.

  15. #dailymission how many rest days: I find I run stronger if I take off a few days, plus, Jim used to reinforce that so much muscle building was done on rest days. Also, I keep hearing that marathone... read more

    • Michael

      Cycling is supposed to be one of the best cross training activities for runners, so you have something to look forward to!

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    • Karla A.
      Karla A.

      It is nice when the kids get to the age where you can leave them home alone for an hour or so to run. Single parenting is hard but at least you are taking time for you. I believe if it's not broke don't fix it and if you feel good with your system and it works then it's good for you.

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    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      Man, looking forward to that Karla. Although, I do enjoy the age they are now too. Lots of cuddles and they tell me they love me and that I'm the best mum in the world. I bet that stops at the teens. :-)

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