#dailymission on June 12, 2012

How do you carry your refuel during long runs?

  1. #dailymission I use a water belt for all my long runs over 8. I use a handheld for runs 5-8 miles. I don't like running thirsty. In races I use the water stations.

  2. #dailymission This is the main reason why I joined a running group, they set up water stations for me. Not only am I lazy, but that pound of a water bottle in my hand gets heavy after a while, it&#... read more

  3. #dailymission "How do you carry your refuel during long runs?"
    Wait, I'm supposed to refuel?

  4. #dailymission In my belly! At least for runs less than 3 hours. If it's a testing run (i.e. gear for a race) then I wear what I plan for the race. Ultraspire Omega for Sunday's 50k since ... read more

  5. Today's #dailymission How do you carry your refuel during long runs? That is something that has evolved the last 6 years. Lon runs = 16 miles or further. I used to carry the Gu but they were... read more

  6. #dailymission - How do you carry your refuel during long runs?
    In winter, I don't. Runs that are longer than 15 miles, I stash a water bottle, but usually only take a few sips. In summer, I ca... read more

  7. #dailymission I don't have that much experience in runs that last more than an hour and a half but I have some and I do not like carrying anything I don't need. I purchased a hydration ... read more

    • David L.
      David L.

      same here, but I do carry a large water bottle with electrolites, the car key (or not) and wear my Road ID

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  8. carry fuel during a run? never. i make every attempt to hydrate b4 a training run. during races, i use the water stations.

  9. #dailymission Two words: water bottle. Just drink water folks, you don't need to pack a lunch for a long run.

    • Larry

      Your profile pic begs to differ ;)

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    • Tabstar

      What kind of long run are you talking about? 20 miler? Hell, I look at a peanut before a 20-miler and am fine, so am with you on this one. BUT, if you're talking about, oh, say, a 100-miler, one might just look at your profile pic for your answer, right? ;-)

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    • Nebs

      I realized mid-run what a grave mistake I made. On my way back home I was thinking, oh crap I am the pot kettle black totally forgetting that low and behold there's a picture of me eating a monster breakfast, a friggin huge blue plate of every staple breakfast item, like I'm dining at Shoney's. I'm keeping it up there. I guess I was thinking in normal person world, long run i.e. less then 24 miles, no breakfast lunch or dinner.

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  10. #dailymission Well I just ran a damn marathon, I do believe I get a week off. Plus I might have a stress fracture= winning

    • David S.
      David S.

      Congrats on the marathon & yeah you earned some downtime. As for the stress fracture - that sucks big time.

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    • Sara B.
      Sara B.

      Eh, it's ok. I'd rather have it early in the summer than later. Thanks though :)

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  11. #dailymission On the rare occasion that I carry anything it's just maybe a hammer gel in my pocket. But really up to 14 miles or so I don't need anything other than a water stop in the mi... read more

    • Agirlnhershoes

      I didnt think super sexy short shorts had pockets.

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    • Amy R.
      Amy R.

      Geez. I can't imagine just a water stop in the middle and that's it. That is the cause of a horrific headache for me. Beginning my marathon training, this sport is going to get expensive with the additional gel I'll need to consume to go long distances.

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    • Aric K.
      Aric K.

      Amy, it's a learned thing. The stronger you get and the more you train yourself not to rely on them the better you'll get at it. Plus I'm sure there's some individual variation and tolerance.

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  12. #dailymission when my foot lets me do long runs, I make water drops prior to run about every 3 miles, then I make a third boob w/ the other goodies in my bra. Works for me.

  13. #dailymissionHow do you carry your refuel during long runs?
    In my Nathan's belt. I usually carry my phone, some GU, and water/gatarade/chia.

  14. #dailymission I am a minimalist. I will go out of my way to carry as little as possible. For example, I have a long route worked out from my house that passes three gas stations, two water founta... read more

    • Alex L.
      Alex L.

      the beach path from redondo up to marina del ray is also great as there are water fountains and bathrooms all along the route. :)

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    • Jen K.
      Jen K.

      totally. You single handedly inspire me to run "unplugged" occasionally. And I have stopped bringing so much gu on runs. One an hour should do the trick if that. I don't use a water belt either. I think that would really way a runner down, huh?

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  15. #dailymission how do you carry your refuel during long runs? I carry a belt with 2 10oz bottles never enough always want more .

  16. #dailymission ~ I have a Nathan hydration belt. I keep two 10 oz bottles with Nuun and a gu if I go longer than 3-4 miles. I bring hydration with me no matter how far I plan to run, because in S TX... read more