#dailymission on June 27, 2012

What are you saving up to buy for your sport?

  1. #dailymission Just saving up courage. (or maybe it's just motivation)

  2. #dailymission What are you saving up to buy for your sport? Saving up to pay for my entry fee for the 2014 El Cruce Columbia (aka El Cruce de los Andes), especially now that you can run it as an in... read more

  3. #dailymission Race entry fees & supporting travel costs and a vehicle big enough to travel in and sleep in at events. As in, sleep comfortably...

  4. #dailymission Pretty much shoes at this point. With Altra getting ready to drop new version of the Instinct and new (lighter) trail shoes called Superior I will be buying both at the end of July.

    • Rich

      Sounds like solid investments

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    • Mike P.
      Mike P.

      Anxious to try that shoe. The Lone Peak has some serious problems in technical terrain. Hopefully the Superior will correct those issues.

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  5. #dailymission This morning, I didn't really have anything on the list. After a trip to the mall today, I HAVE to have a pair of Komodosports. Those were AMAZING on my feet!! Time to save up :)

  6. #dailymission shoes and more shoes.

  7. #dailymission nothing major, just some new kicks and some super cute clothing. I would love a Garmin too. Maybe I'll start saving for that!!

  8. #dailymission What are you saving up to buy for your sport?
    The way my husband swoons over his clones, I think I need me a pair. But I did just get swim goggles. I might even splurge for a cap...

    • Jacques D.
      Jacques D.

      Destination Marathon (s)...

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    • Natalie J.
      Natalie J.

      We are sort of bad when it comes to this stuff and really spare no expenses and basically buy what we want and need. I would guess that Brad and I probably spend the same amount monthly on fitness related stuff. Just bought our youngest son P90X (Used).

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      first goggles and now a cap? you're becoming a SWIMMER!!!!! ;) check out swimoutlet.com for cheap swim gear...

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  9. #dailymission What are you saving up to buy for your sport?

    I haven't really been saving up for anything, since I haven't been allowed to run, but I should start saving for new shoes si... read more

    • Jeannette G.
      Jeannette G.

      Yay so exciting!! What kinda shoes do you think you will get?

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    • Evey B.
      Evey B.

      I'm not sure yet...I've always had Nikes, because of the air in the soles are comfy to me. But I've been liking the Puma Crosstrainers I got to wear for post surgery until I could wear boots again. SO many choices!

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  10. you are kidding right? :) . . . absolutely nothing! All I need is very cheap minimalist shoes or my bare feet; that's the beauty of running; I don't need fancy and expensive technology o... read more

    • David L.
      David L.

      I couldn't have said it better myself . . . of course you said it first! ;)

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    • Lydia H.
      Lydia H.

      Ah Harry. Of course. I need you to come shoe shopping with me. I always spend too much on shoes I don't need! I'm working my way there. I did BF strides yesterday. I'm coming...slowly but surely!

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    #dailymission: These new minimalist shoes

  12. #dailymission I desperately want a pair of Newtons!

    • Rob R.
      Rob R.

      Good luck transitioning to them if you get them. I am done with them for now.

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  13. #dailymission Saving up? Ummm nothing really. I have 3 pairs of semi-new shoes. Though I need a fifth. 2 other pairs I'm trying to get rid of. I do need to get hotels for two races. Then again... read more

  14. #dailymission cross country spikes, new training shoes(in August), new running apparel, etc.

  15. #dailymission What are you saving up to buy for your sport? I would love to do H.U.R.T. 100m Hawaii - earliest chance might be 2014 though!

  16. #dailymission
    Admission, airfare, hotel, food, and fun-time (read: shopping, museums, pubs, and more shopping) expenditures for the Chicago Marathon, hopefully 2013.