#dailymission on July 01, 2012

What's the worst spill you've taken running or biking a difficult road/trail?

  1. #dailymission I stubbed my toe the other day....

  2. #dailymission The worst spill I've ever taken? This: http://www.dailymile.com/people/maryhead/photos/404681 ... my knee has a nice scar from falling down twice on my first trail run. So exhila... read more

    • Lisa K.
      Lisa K.

      Wow! That was one heck of a spill. I've only had one, but quite frankly, I play it pretty safe (scared). I run on trails all the time, and I've seen my reckless friends. I want to live to run another day.

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    • Jay S.
      Jay S.

      Yeh, I saw that pic before. That was indeed nasty.

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    • Derek R.
      Derek R.

      Still the cutest beat up badass trail scar pics I've seen, mostly because you're damn proud not all sadfacey crybaby

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  3. #dailymission "What's the worst spill you've taken running or biking a difficult road/trail?"
    It was on my normal route through the Baylands. There's this sharp u-turn arou... read more

  4. #dailymission Oh, this is a fun one! Worst spill ever while running was during the first formation run of my officer training, on a road in really bad shape. Tripped on a bump in the road and we... read more

  5. #dailymission I broke my arm about 12 months ago while I was biking. It wasn't a difficult trail though. I just got my tire stuck in a train track crossing the wrong way somehow. Then I fl... read more

  6. #dailymission All roads with cars are difficult: 23 years ago riding my bike I was hit by a truck that ran a stop sign, leaving my left arm paralyzed, but THANK GOD I can still run, that was my pas... read more

  7. #dailymission While running up Mount Everest during the Nepal "10 Peaks in 24 Hours" race when I was 3, I fell down a 7,000-foot ravine, got trampled to death by a herd of Yetis, and was ... read more

  8. #dailymission What's the worst spill you've taken running or biking a difficult road/trail?
    This is an awesome one. I tripped over a speed bump in a parking lot. To be fair, it was at n... read more

  9. #dailymission What's the worst spill you've taken running or biking a difficult road/trail? First of all, I don't need a difficult road/trail - I can fall pretty much anywhere. :) Wo... read more

  10. #dailymission My worst spill on a bike was when I was about 11 or 12 years old. A friend and I were riding back from his house to mine. There is a small hill just before the subdivision road. ... read more

  11. #dailymission. I usually tumble at least once or twice in trail races. But, I fall really good. Never did anything major.

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      My worst fall was about 6 years ago on a road run. Tripped on uneven sidewalk and my hands took the worst of it (I think I had on long pants or capris so my knees weren't that bad). So much gravel and dirt imbedded in my hands, it hurt to even wash them. Chunk out of my right hand and lots of blood.

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    • Larry

      Small stuff for me. Scraped hands and such. Still feeling the remnants of my ankle turn from my recent trail runs.

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  12. #dailymission Bike chain derailed on a uphill, took the fill set of gears to the back of my ankle/calf, IE; one of my coolest scars! Supermanning during an ultra last year was also "fun",... read more

  13. #dailymission Worst spill? Does showing off on your bike when you're 10 years old count? I vaguely remember bright lights and doctors hovering over me in the hospital, but the part I remember ... read more

    • Ken B.
      Ken B.

      Does age 62 count ? Super crash , Broken hip, 5 days in the hospital, took 3 hours round trip up and down Stone Mountain on crutches.

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  14. #dailymission:
    Two winters ago, while out on a long run during a snow storm, I fell through the ice into a ditch at the side of a county road that had frozen over - melted - and frozen over again. ... read more