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Paleo diet (eating meat/produce and nixing grains/dairy). Thumb's up or down?

  1. #dailymission paleo diet? Thumbs up from me. I've been on it for the last 30 days and have lost around 13 lbs of fat I didn't need. I've been sleeping better, feeling better, trainin... read more

    • Darren C.
      Darren C.

      You might find the below link interesting Jaydub. Latest research suggests that it takes about 3 years to reach a new "steady state" after weight loss. One of the reasons why most people who lose weight after taking up a new diet don't usually keep it off. I'm doing something similar; controlling my daily calories to slowly bring my weight down to a healthier level (but i'm not restricting foods). Hard work!


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    • Jaydub

      Darren, I'll check thar link out. I've actually been at a steady state for the last three years and nothing I tried seemed to shift the last 5 kg I wanted to shed. I only tried the paleo option because it sounded interesting and was amazed when those stubborn 5 kgs I'd wrestled with vanished in a few weeks. It's not a panacea, but it's taught me a great deal in a short time. And I haven't treated it as a diet, but a way to develop new eating habits.

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    • Lea S.
      Lea S.

      DId a 12 week challege 2 years ago with fitness and paleo diet, has changed my life. Good detox, didn't stay with it 100%, but have incorporated many of the nutritional lessons into daily life. Good on you!

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  2. Today's #dailymission Paleo diet (eating meat/produce and nixing grains/dairy). Thumb's up or down? Uhm, NO! Nor would I be vegetarian or vegan or any of those other things/diets. If Go... read more

  3. #dailymission Paleo diet? Don't even get me started - I'm not into diet labels. Or diet wars. Eat what works for you. I don't eat dairy or a lot of grains but I do NOT go low carb. F... read more

  4. #dailymission Nixing dairy? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Mmmm cheese

  5. #dailymission I know people that have completely gone paleo and over-came diabetes. I think it's great for certain body types. However, everything I have read about a true paleo diet center... read more

  6. #dailymission Thumb in between up and down? I am six days into a 30 day-paleo type eating plan and I had a hard day today....no energy! I'm interested to see how the remaining 24 days go, an... read more

  7. #dailymission - If the furnace is hot enough, anything will burn. Stoke it up!

  8. #dailymission: Paleo diet (eating meat/produce and nixing grains/dairy). Thumb's up or down? Whatever. I have found that the less animal products I eat, the less inflammation I have. But ove... read more

    • Jan

      I'm a Michael Pollan fan, too! Let's see... tri nerds, gear hounds, "In Defense of Food" readers... will the similarities never end?

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    • Sherri

      Unfortunately, it's what works best for me. I love grains, and dairy, but my body does not, I bloat and gain weight.

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  9. #dailymission Paleo diet. Thumb's up or down?
    Personally, I'm a vegetarian leaning towards vegan. However I believe there isn't one diet that works for everyone and this diet seems t... read more

    • Kristen C.
      Kristen C.

      I too am vegetarian and am going to try out vegan for the month of July. I don't really care for the paleo diet personally.

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    • Jen O.
      Jen O.

      I'm also veggie but make a point to avoid carbs. My dad is strictly paleo and has been for 2 years and swears he will be for the rest of his life. He lost 60 lbs, runs 30 miles a week, and is in the best shape I've ever seen him in.

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    • Jill W.
      Jill W.

      i'm trying out the vegan thing as well

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    • Jamie R.
      Jamie R.

      I agree so much with this! I'm closer to vegan (but don't eat many grains) but anyway I know the paleo thing works great for some people.

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  10. #dailymission
    Thumbs down for sure......how can you eat pizza without cheese?

  11. #dailymission I have tested a lot with food in the last 4 years (I went from 220 lbs to 166 now) and no matter what combinations I have tried, the one constant that I have seen is that when I limit... read more

    • Brian S.
      Brian S.

      Certainly not a lot of grains without fiber. :) I found that very same thing I dropped 70lbs just by cutting sugar and carbs without fiber. I try to make sure my carbs contain at least 10% fiber.

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    • Tracey L.
      Tracey L.

      @brian same here...I never exclude veggies and fruits, only the starchy stuff.

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  12. Today's #dailymission
    Paleo diet (eating meat/produce and nixing grains/dairy). Thumb's up or down?

    Any diet that restricts complete food groups...has got to be kind of rotten for you in... read more

    • Heather B.
      Heather B.

      I am not eating Paleo, but am certainly restricting grains and sugars/sweeteners. I have them on occasion, but not very often. LOTS of greens and non-starchy veggies. I feel the best I have ever felt and am finally losing weight again after a year-long plateau. Following Dr. Gundry's diet evolution 80-90%.

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    • Ellen

      I have been eating Paleo-ish since February and feel great! The "ish" part is I still have some dairy (milk in coffee, occasional ice cream, Greek yogurt every few days). I follow it maybe 85-90%. It is working for me. I think the biggest thing is that I don't eat processed foods anymore. Those foods are literally addictive and unhealthy.

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    • Rose

      I've been eating the opposite of the paleo diet for 35 years (pescatarian - seafood + vegetarian), so I really have no idea. What do you think?

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  13. #dailymission Paleo diet. Thumbs up or down?
    Thumbs down. I give up cheese when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  14. #dailymission thumbs down...love my carbs and milk!

  15. #dailymission

    Is chocolate allowed on the Paleo diet? Oh :( Thumbs down!!