#dailymission on May 28, 2012

Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim?

  1. #dailymission Basically around Lantau island, where I live (along with my wonderful wife and little son). I can either do runable trail runs, crazy technical and steep trail runs, or fairly flat st... read more

    • Bobby

      Great working out with the family, haven't heard that word Lantau island for a long time. People assume that everything is HK is connected, not 40 yrs ago. where an island is an island.

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  2. #dailymission Where ? The world is my playing field.

  3. #dailymission the bike trails and back roads out of sight of most other people! Need to be one with nature every once in a while!

  4. #dailymission Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim?

    Along the Bow River pathway where it is nice and flat. A lot of people use the pathway, but they are courteous. Fish Creek Park is ni... read more

    • Rhea T.
      Rhea T.

      What's been going on in Fish Creek Park? I was thinking of using that for my long run this weekend.

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    • Christine C.
      Christine C.

      Over the past year, there were news reports of some pervert exposing himself to women in Fish Creek Park.

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    • Rhea T.
      Rhea T.

      Hm, yeah. That's some scenery I can avoid taking in. Well, I'm sure I can think up something else if I don't want to go in there.

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  5. #dailymission outside on trails along the coast. Lands End is amazing.

  6. #dailymission - Where do I like to do long runs, etc. Runs in Sunrise, FL. Pretty quiet most weekends and early mornings. I used to LOVE cycling on the Suncoast Trail in the Tampa area....over 41... read more

  7. #dailymission Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim? anyplace but on the treadmill. Usually on streets around my home.

  8. #dailymission Rail trails for the long runs. I just wish there were more of them close to where I live.

  9. #dailymission Run is on a nice packed trail in the woods. Bike is on the highway. Swim is in at least 3 feet of water. If I could, I would swim in the waves of the bay every day. :+)

  10. #dailymission Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim?
    Des Plaines River Trail.

  11. #dailymission Along the Arroyo's or somewhere new! I like exploring new areas in Albuquerque and all of over the country/world by running through them! Another fun reason to enjoy running up b... read more

  12. #dailymission At another school in our district. There's tons of nice hills there.

  13. #dailymission There's a loop that takes you out in the country here called the Lee St. Grade. It's a gravel road that's uphill for about a mile, but then this is your view at the top... read more

  14. #dailymission Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim? On new unexplored trails!

  15. #dailymission Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim?
    Sedgwick County Park. I'm a creature of habit, I guess.

  16. #dailymission - Where do you like to do your long run/bike/swim? Since moving from Monterey, I've been missing the long rides out to Pebble Beach, but am getting used to the backwoods of Missi... read more

    • Cindy L.
      Cindy L.

      I'm sure that's quite the change!

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    • Christina H.
      Christina H.

      Oh my yes!!

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    • Laura S.
      Laura S.

      because of the crazy work hours and juggling all these kids and grandbabies I stick to my 'mill. I do enjoy that trail you speak of in Monterey. I'm going to miss walks along there when visiting with my 2nd born as she's moving to So Cal this week.

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