#dailymission on April 23, 2012

What's the best thing anyone's ever done or said to cheer you when injured?

  1. #dailymission I don't get injured. I'm white.

  2. #dailymission Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

  3. #dailymission: During my inaugural collegiate XC season, I was injured leading up to our home meet. After limping through the course and being the last man still out on the course due an impartiall... read more

  4. #dailymission My PT helped me get through PF for my first HIM. When I injured my knee in a subsequent race, I returned with an IM on the horizon. His first words: "We've done this before.... read more

  5. #dailymission We won't be replacing your cast today.

    • David B.

      I remember when they said, "We'll be removing your cast today." Excellent news!

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    • Randy D.
      Randy D.

      I do love hearing those words and remember turning that corner myself a couple times. Hang in there.

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    • Tory N.
      Tory N.

      Its. So. Difficult. I never realized what an addict I am until it was taken from me. :) Thanks for the encouragement you guys! Seems like my local running buddies forgot all about me when I went down. Good thing I'm more of a solo-runner! :)

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  6. #dailymission Luckily for me, I have not been injured since 2007 when I first started running and had plantar fascitis. My coach told me, you have the wrong shoes, which I did. I've been we... read more

  7. #dailymission - What's the best thing done or said to cheer you when injured? - Being an injured person now anything encouraging you can say is good. The worse thing is to ignore the person ... read more

    • Erica C.
      Erica C.

      I sprained my ankle while training for my first half... I think the most helpful thing for me was realizing that my although I may need a few weeks to heal my ankle... it had taken me YEARS to heal my attitude and perspective about running and a healthy lifestyle (previously I did zero working out). I hope that you heal quickly!

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    • Tory N.
      Tory N.

      I've been down since November, I feel ya. I hope you heal soon!

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  8. #dailymission What's the best thing anyone's ever done or said to cheer you when injured?

    Ι had some issues with my ankles (sprains) last year...after a couple of days-off from running, ... read more

    • Vicky A.
      Vicky A.

      When seriously injured, nothing can cheer you up. There is nothing like the depression that comes from being injured. When you are injured you will have good days and bad days. Good days are spent xtraining like a good little injured runner and believing that you really will come back stronger from all of this. Then there's the bad days, when you feel defeated, feel like giving up, you cry for no reason, you feel disappointed, angry, frustrated, and mad, you hate running and everyone that can.

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    • Dimitris T.
      Dimitris T.

      Ahhhh...that's why you hate me....;-)))

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    • Vicky A.
      Vicky A.

      ΟΚ... χαμογέλασα! :)

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  9. #dailymission After coming up precisely 7 minutes short of qualifying for Boston - and a MRI revealed a 1cm tear about 60% through the ischial tuberosity (hamstring tendon) - My PT said, "So y... read more

    • Heather

      HA! Nice of them to make light of your injury.

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    • Brandy

      Hahaha that's hilarious!

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    • Lara

      Well, at least they called a spade a spade... you left it all out there and pushed super-hard when you should have pulled back. You gave it your all... be proud.

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    • Denise R.
      Denise R.

      Love! :v)

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  10. #dailymission when i broke my leg, my wife would hide my crutches and laugh as i tried to get down the stairs. great motivation to heal up.

  11. #dailymission. I met Bill Rodgers at the expo of my first marathon. Super guy. Asked about my training. I mentioned some injuries. He said finessing the injuries is half the fun. Love that.... read more

    • Jim

      I agree ... when I came to that realization it made running this go around more fun - now if I can get a little faster ... ;-).

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    • Liana K.
      Liana K.

      hahah I love Rodgers. I saw him friday before Boston. Instead of telling us how to survive Boston, he told us all the times he DNF on the course, once while camera's were following him where he went to a bar on mile 18 instead. I thought about hitting up that bar at mile 18 as well.

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    • Larry

      Larger life lessons I'm thinking.

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  12. #dailymission I think my mom once said "it's your own fault" .. not sure that was a cheer though.... sounded more like a sneer.